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This is the fifth and last webinar dedicated to the “Efficiency in Medical Devices reprocessing: the road ahead”, presented by ASP Continuous Education.​

25th January 2024

Prof. Francesco Venneri | Clinical Risk Manager and Patient Safety Officer | Florence Healthcare System, Italy

Mr. Manuel Valente | Department of Quality Nurse Director | Unidade Local de Saúde de Santo Antonio, Porto – Portugal

Mr. Wouter Meert | Process-Project Manager CSSD, Head Instrument Management | Uz Leuven, Belgium

Eng. Jonathan Hart | Head of Technological Innovation and Health Technology Assessment Policlinic Universitario Campus Bio-Medico | Rome, Italy

Medical Device Reprocessing Efficiency
impact in Healthcare: an overview
Applying Lean principles at the OR
to improve MD reprocessing efficiency
ISO 13485 certification as a motor
to improve MD Reprocessing Efficiency
Health Technology Assessment role
on MD Reprocessing efficiency

Bravo! You make this complicated topic easy to comprehend and take action!
Thank you for showing us how to use LEAN in healthcare.
After this webinar I really felt the importance to have a consistent data management process the efficiency in my CSSD.
This webinar allowed us to understand how HTA can improve medical devices reprocessing!
Really appreciate this fruitful session!
"Each day, millions of invasive procedures take place and millions of reusable medical devices are reprocessed throughout the World. Reprocessing is a complex process with several steps and different players that requires efficient technologies, proficient human resources and good health technology assessments. Increasing efficiency in healthcare contributes to their economic sustainability, competitiveness, while reducing environmental damage and lastly improving quality of care and quality of life."
  • Optimization of MD reprocessing through training and increase in awareness among all healthcare workers is the main goal of the upcoming future;
  • The awareness of results enhancement, is the lever and the fulcrum of the continuous improvement;
  • Collecting and analyzing data is an essential part of identifying inefficient processes, detecting necessary changes to keep your efficiency or point out possibilities to increase efficiency;
  • AI,Automation, Robots, RFID: new technologies are becoming more available for the CSSD processes.  They allow reducinghuman error, increasing quality and efficiency. Make sure they are in balance with the economical reality;
  • Reprocessing efficiency depends of effective management of productive assets (staffing, planning, equipment, instruments). HTA is a valuable tool in addressing MD reprocessing.