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ASP 2023 WEBINAR #SERIES4 ON Efficiency in Medical Devices reprocessing: the road ahead
WEBINAR #2 “Applying Lean principles at the OR to improve MD reprocessing efficiency”



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Enroll in this free webinar, under the topic “Applying Lean principles at the OR to improve MD reprocessing efficiency” to get into the discussion of this burning question.


On the 29th of June | 14h GMT | 15h CET | 17h GST don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about it with our expert.

New series#4 - Efficiency in Medical Devices reprocessing: the road ahead

Starting from the global concept of Efficiency and its applicability and implications for medical devices reprocessing, we invite you to attend the fourth ASP SUMMIT Webinar series, focusing on the role of “Efficiency in Medical Devices reprocessing: the road ahead”.​


Join us for an insightful series of 6 free Webinars addressing this hot topic.


Get acess to all assets of the ASP Symposium on the hot topic:
“H202 sterilization: Standards, Physics, Medical Devices, and Practice” including an update on ISO 22441.
The World Sterilization Congress took place from 16th to 19th November 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

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