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What is
ASP University?

ASP University is your best teacher when it comes to Continuous Education (CE) in the field of patient safety, infection prevention, and sterilization of medical devices with low-temperature sterilization methods.
It is a community of healthcare professionals who share the same drive – to improve safety and excel at Medical Device (MD) reprocessing.

In this educational resource, you will find solutions for MD reprocessing in order to improve patient safety.

Lindsey Wuisan
Expert on Circular Economy and Environmental Policy
Circular Economy Lisbon, Portugal

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with ASP on a webinar regarding Circular Economy in the Healthcare sector. The organisationwas very professional and I hope ASP will continue to incorporate sustainability in medical education.”

Jonathan Hart
Head of Technological Innovation and Health Technology Assessment
Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, Italy

“ASP university has created a multiprofessional platform where leading experts can share their knowledge and innovative ideas. Being part of this team is an honour, giving me the opportunity to contribute with my own insights while learning from others.”

Wouter Meert
UZ Leuven, Belgium

“Covid held us bound to our hospitals and took away the possibility to meet and enlarge our knowledge by attending congresses and scientific meetings. On the other side online meetings, working and sharing information came into the picture. ASP University was able to set up a portal to bring together important information about reprocessing of medical devices and infection prevention. By providing scientific documents and organizing webinars with experts from the field they support us healthcare professionals in improving our daily practice.”

Trevor Duffy
Decontamination Lead & CSSD Manager
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Ireland

“Continual professional development plays an important role in an ever changing and demanding health sector. ASP University provide us with the best solutions, case studies and resources available which assist and support teaching and eLearning resources to all our healthcare professionals. This results in highly skilled staff, high staff retention and most importantly improves on our patient safety and quality improvements.”

Patrick Turner
Decontamination Manager
Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

“There is no substitute for education. ASP university is an excellent resource for all decontamination Managers in order to empower their staff with best knowledge to produce quality products and to understand the science behind their profession.”

Cristina Rato
CSSD & IPC Consultant
Hospital da Luz, Portugal

“As a healthcare professional, I consider continuous training to be fundamental. Having a website available with updated information according to the state of the art is excellent. The site is visually pleasing, and the information provided is extremely important for our daily practice.”

Javier Valdes Hernandez
PhD in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery
Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Spain

“Team effort is paramount to achieve best results specially for health workers. ASP academy helps bringing professionals together and sharing knowledge to reach the highest goals.”

Francesco Venneri
Clinical Risk Manager and Patient Safety Officer
Florence Healthcare System, Italy

“I visited ASP University website. I found it very complete and enriching. The website is usable and responds to usability criteria so as surfing through is very easy and the icons are expressive and clear. What I found interesting is the bibliography link and eBooks. The website structure is also very intuitive and easily comprehensible. I am very proud to collaborate with ASP University for the opportunities it offers me to update my knowledge in the field of medical devices and be able to hear the opinions of very important experts and stakeholders. The organizational steps are carefully followed, and the expert is never let alone but assisted and guided along. The preparation of webinars is very encouraging and stimulates the authors to be competitive and precise. I feel that ASP combined scientifical expertise and technical excellence and offers an educational product of high quality and professionalism.”

Manuel Valente
Supervising Nurse
Oporto Hospital Centre, Portugal

“ASP University is a modern, simple and focused training and information platform on current issues in sterilization. Being accessible at the distance of a click, it allows its use in any context and from any device with a built-in internet browser. His future will be even more captivating, considering the modules under development.”

Olegs Rasheed Tucs
Application Specialist, ASP
Educator, Technological University Dublin.

We live in unprecedented times of rapid technological and societal changes including massive advancement in healthcare. Decontamination of medical devices has developed from craft to full-fledged science. Education now plays huge role in ensuring safest patient care possible. As an educator I am delighted to see ASP making commendable effort in delivering free high quality content to healthcare professional across the world.

ASP University is a resource I am happy to recommend to my students and to anyone who wants to learn more about the best practice in decontamination and use of medical devices.

Victoria McCreanor
Health Economics Research Fellow
Greater Brisbane, Australia

It was great to be part of the ASP University webinars. I learned a lot from the other panel members, who are experts in their fields, about how we can reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare.

May Karam
EORNA President Infirmière de bloc Opératoire Diplômée D'etat (IBODE)
Paris, France

It has been a great pleasure to discover ASP university and to collaborate with a higly professional team. ASP University’s platform is so well-documented and organizes webinars with experts. This allows us to remain updated, improve our practice and ensure safe and secure care for patients across the world.

Looking forward to more webinars and publications.

Isabel Veloso
Nurse at Hospital de Braga
Braga, Portugal

I am an infection prevention and control nurse, and despite several years of experience in this area, I need to continuously develop at theoretical and practical level, and ASP has been a great support.

Jeremy Faludi
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design Engineering
TU Delft, Netherlands

I appreciated this opportunity to raise awareness for the crucial role of circular and sustainable design in the medical device industry. I hope that our discussions will inspire more device manufacturers and hospitals to improve their sustainbility, to treat the other eight billion patients on the planet who are outside the hospital walls.


Live and On-demand, all live webinars are recorded and registrants receive a replay link.


Distinguished Healthcare practitioners, professionals/professors and decontamination experts that partner with ASP


Factsheets with key messages;
Certificate of attendance;
CRCST Certification Program.


High quality CE knowledge and skillset for assured professional growth

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ASP University provides you with a deep dive into specific challenges regarding Medical Device reprocessing, Infection Prevention Best practices, standards and guidelines for sterilization methods, among others.

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What's in it for me?