Webinar 4# - Medical Device reprocessing in a Circular Economy - Onsite vs Offsite - ASP University

During the third webinar, Dr. Victoria McCreanor, Ph.D. will talk about the economic considerations for MD reprocessing technologies in a Circular Economy.


Introduction to
health economic evaluation

Health economic evaluation is about understanding the costs and effects of a healthcare service such as a new treatment or intervention. The same principles can be applied to different contexts.


This section will focus on the key aspects of different sterilization systems that are relevant to the analysis. These aspects included up-front costs of the sterilizer system, ongoing costs such as sterilizer products, electricity, water.  Other key factors include capacity and cycle length, waste and environmental considerations.


The next section will focus on the key aspects of the instruments being reprocessed. Much of this will be context specific, but this section of the webinar will highlight the types of factors to be considered such as how delicate the instruments are – including their susceptibility to damage from high temperatures and or water. It may also be important to consider how frequently items are used and how fast the turnaround time needs to be. Other key considerations include effect on need for repair or replacement of instruments and environmental considerations

How to evaluate
the economics in your context?

The final section of the webinar will bring all the preceding sections together to show how the sterilizer and instrument factors can be used to evaluate the economics of different systems in different settings.

This is the third webinar dedicated to Economic considerations for MD reprocessing technologies in a Circular Economy, presented by ASP Continuous Medical Education.

22nd of  September 2022

  • MSc in health policy, Ph.D. in health economics
  • 7 years of experience in health services research
  • Expertise in cost-effectiveness analysis & health economic modeling
  • International experience – the UK and Australia

Very professional and useful information
It was very important to see the importance of several factors in health economic evaluation
Thanks for such great and relevant content. Your lecture was crisp and cleaver!
One hour of my life well spent! Congrats Prof Victoria for the such insightful presentation!
Thanks Prof Victoria, I could have listen to you for 3 hours!
"A case study on the frequency of damage to rigid endoscopes when a hospital changed from using steam to a low-temperature system, showed a 33% reduction in the number of repairs and a 58% reduction in the number of repairs per procedure."
  • Important to look beyond the up-front costs of the sterilizer
  • There are large differences in energy and water consumption: important in current environment
  • Effect of different sterilizing processes on instruments important consideration (affects costs and carbon footprint)
  • Consumables/disposable items also contribute to carbon footprint
  • Principles of health economics can be used to evaluate decisions your context